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More than a goal for DYP, it is a mandate of reducing mental imbalance, promoting sustainable development with harmony and building good governance.

From the establishment of DYP the student support governing council also accommodates students themselves as stakeholders. Here are the governing councils of DYP to amend in student support-

Gender equality

 Discrimination and assaults against women; are against any positive future for the country..

At DYP we work efficiently and effectively towards balancing the parameter of equality between men and women. The council has a direct approach to incidents, if any occurs, getting them resolved with an unbiased methodology. The director or the dean heads the council of members ensuring timely workshops to be undertaken on harassment comprehended with an inclination of legal actions in such cases. The complaint hierarchy is strictly followed to avoid communication failures. Information materials as in posters, handouts and eye lying pictorials are showcased in campus.

No to Ragging

 A coward is incapable of exhibiting love, it is the prerogative of the brave.Mahatma Gandhi

Under Section 26(1)(g) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 Anti Ragging Committee is formed with definite rules are displayed on the notice board for awareness of the students. Following the amendment DYP have procedures wherein meetings by Anti-Squad members at regular interval, Surprising visits to hostels, in campus and off campus area. Billboards and analysis of ragging consequences are displayed in all student sections; canteens, restroom, hostels, classes, auditorium, etc. Programs concerning to these activities are hosted in campus and hostels.

Grievances Redressal

 Whatever your grievances, we are sure we can address them without resorting conflicts.

The Grievance Redressal council works without diplomacy figuring out the reason for particular grievance as soon as it arrives. DYP has taken sincere efforts to train the members of council about how to handle grievances. We gather actual facts for an effective and correct decision making with alternative course of actions thought during this process. Such actions are examined on the existing and future management policies and analyzed for keeping a sense of accuracy doing justice to parties indulging in grievance.

Grievance Redressal Committee                            Contact No.

Chairperson :- Dr. Sanjeev Deshpande                              9405582571  

Co-ordinator     Ms. Arati A. Patil                                          8378951337

Member            Mrs. Amruta Patil                                         9822846368

Member            Mr. S. D. Bansode                                         9673480004

Student             Ms. Shreya Dhengale(S.Y.)                           8483044079

Student             Mr. Chandrakant Ahire (S.Y.)                        8380954076

Student             Ms. Sonal Thakre (F.Y.)                                9604602042

Member Secretory   Mrs. Bhavana Kapse                              9767312709  


Anti Ragging &Anti Haressment Committee :-

Chairperson :- Dr. S.V.Deshpande                                       9405582571 

Coordinator   Ms. Varsha Dhulasawant                                   8554947750

Member            Mrs. Bhavana Kapse                                      9767312709

Member            Mr. S.D.Bansode                                            9673480004

Student             Ms.  Shreya Dhengale (S.Y.)                          8483044079

Student             Mr. Chandrakant Ahire (S.Y.)                        8380954076

Student             Ms. Sonal Thakre (F.Y.)                                 9604602042                             

Student             Ms. Aditi Jahagirdar (F.Y.)                             8308297516


Women Grievance Committee                          Contact No.

Chairperson :- Dr. S. V. Deshpande                                 9405582571                              

Member Secretory: Mrs.Nitu Fulambarkar                         9822238691

Member            Mrs. Bhavana Kapse                                  9767312709

Member           Ms. Nileema Modhave                                9970339589

Students            Ms. Ankita Devkate                             




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