Dr. S. V. Deshpande


 It gives me an immense pleasure and delight to pen my message for the institute of pharmacy which is committed to create not only ‘the Pharmacists for future’ but also ‘Future for the pharmacists’. Pharmacy is a noble, respectable, evergreen and challenging profession. With the changing global scenario, the pharmacy education is developed and pharma technology is advanced.

As all the facilities are available, this institute is bound to provide qualified, knowledgeable, skilled & well trained pharmacists to detect , to prevent, to monitor and to resolve medically related problems. Hence the diploma holders are ready-to-use in Hospitals, Drug stores, Clinical pharmacy, and Community pharmacy where they have to play a key role in the selection of drugs, their procurement, distribution , dispensing, education & provision of pharmaceutical care, and also can ensure the rational use of the medicines by providing proper counseling to the patients.

I am sure that the students of this institute will definitely achieve the objectives. My good wishes to all for the same.